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Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator

Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator

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    spa necessities ozone generator


    ozone generator for fish farm

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    Remove Organic Compounds In Aquarium
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Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator

Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator



Basic knowledge of protein skimmer


Protein skimmers are used mostly in saltwater aquaria to remove organic compounds from the water before they break down into nitrogenous waste. Protein skimming is the only form of filtration that physically removes organic compounds before they begin to decompose, lightening the load on the biological filter and improving the water’s redox potential.

Protein skimmers extract dissolved organic waste products (proteins) from the aquarium by mechanically removing them through foam fractionation. Efficient skimmers remove proteins before they breakdown and pollute the water. Skimming enhances the quality of the aquarium’s environment as well as its appearance.



  1. Instead the using of Venturi, Booster pump, low power for saving energy.
  2. Using the collecting pipe, no need to clean, for saving water.
  3. PDO air intake device produces abundance air bubble, for high separate efficiency.
  4. Using two ways water stream design, for high air-liquid mixing result, high separate efficiency.
  5. Trouble-free design, long service life but free maintenance.


Functions of protein skimmer:

  • Protein skimming removes certain organic compounds, including proteins and amino acids, by using the polarity of the protein itself. Due to their intrinsic charge, water-borne proteins are attracted to the air/water interface. Protein skimmers works by injecting numerous tiny bubbles into the water column. The small bubbles present an enormous air/water interface for the protein molecules to cling to. The longer the bubble resides in the water, the more proteins it is able to attract. The action of a protein skimmer is often compared to the action of waves producing sea foam.
  • Besides removing proteins, our skimmers also removes other substances such as fats and fatty acids, carbohydrates, metals such as copper complexed with proteins, and certain trace elements such as iodide, in addition to particulates and other detritus, phytoplankton, and bacteria.
  1. Increasing the dissolved oxygen in water, for improving the biological treatment efficiency.
  1. Removing the harmful air in water, stabilize the PH in water.
  2. Mixing ozone in water also has the function of clean, clean ion and remove algae in water.
  3. Although copper and other metals can be removed through protein skimming, the element is attached to organic molecules, and then removed with the organic. Oil molecules (fats) can cause skimmer foam to collapse, handicapping its efficiency to produce a dry foam.


  1. Seafood cultivating factory
  1. Seawater hatcheries
  1. Oceanopolis, aquarium etc
  2. Swimming pool water treatment
  3. Sewage water treatment, and the lines used for ozone mixing in water

External small Type




(Dia./H mm)

Pump Rated/actual power Max size of tank (L)


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 0 120/665 6530 50W/23W 600


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 1 150/665 6530 50W/23W 700


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 2 150/510 SP3 13W 900


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 3 200/740 6540 100W/33W 1200


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 4 200/595 SP3 13W×2 1800


Aquarium protein skimmer Aquaculture Ozone Generator 5 200/820 6540×2 100W/33W×2 2200



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