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3500ppm Sodium Hypochlorite Generator 0.5 % Machines For Household

3500ppm Sodium Hypochlorite Generator 0.5 % Machines For Household

  • High Light

    3500ppm Sodium Hypochlorite Generator


    Household Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

  • Application Area
    Home, Office, Hotel Bus,small Swimming Pool,home Water Treatment
  • Chlorine Output
    50g/h, 100g/h
  • Chlorine Concentration
  • Core Component
    Titanium Anode Plate
  • Voltage
    220V/50Hz Or 110V/60Hz
  • Timer
  • Power
    280W, 600W
  • Warranty
  • Working Life Time
  • After Warranty Service
    Video Technical Support
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  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
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3500ppm Sodium Hypochlorite Generator 0.5 % Machines For Household

Factory wholesale Sodium hypochlorite 0.5 % machines for household use

3500ppm Sodium Hypochlorite Generator 0.5 % Machines For Household 0


1. Introduction “Sodium Hypochlorite Generator CK-50” , It has the advantages of convenient, safe , effective , mobility and on-site production. Besides, it is also very economical and affordable disinfect water production equipment. The product’s sodium hypochlorite disinfect water produced by the method of electrolytic salt water can not only disinfection and sterilization effect, but also disinfection of drinking water, non-toxic and harmless. It is very necessary in daily life. Compared with the “High Concentration Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfect water” produced by chemical factory, the “Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfect water” produced by this product is low in concentration, convenient to use, and has no harmful chlorine components to human body. 2. Material “Sodium Hypochlorite Generator CK-50” is a kind of intelligent generator for disinfect water solution. The power supply control system and titanium electrode coated with special materials are adopted. The electrolytic cell is made of PVC resin and titanium material. The electrolytic process is controlled automatically by setting time function. 3. Features Sodium hypochlorite, the main component of disinfect water, is a strong oxidant with strong bactericidal effect, which can replace “Bleaching Powder” and other oxidants.

4. Component Parts
This product is composed of a disinfect water generator and an intelligent power control box. The disinfect water generator is connected through DC interface of the intelligent power control box. 5. Application Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfect water can quickly kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi,spores of black variety and so on . It also can destroy the surface antigen of hepatitis virus. It can disinfect, bleach and deodorize tableware, tea set, sanitary ware and bath. This disinfect water can effectively prevent hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery, etc.It is especially suitable for hotels, schools, hospitals, health systems, public places, offices, small and medium-sized food processing plants, breed farms, plantation and other places.
Item No. Output Voltage(V) Output Voltage(V) Operating Current (A)
NaClO output
NaClO Concentration(ppm)
CK-50 DC12 280 ≤ DC 20A 50 3000~5000
Control box:34*18*29.5
CK-100 DC24 600 ≤ DC 25A 100 5000~7000
Control box:34*18*29.5


Notice: 1) Input Voltage: AC110V, AC170 ~ 250V, 50 ~ 60Hz Output Voltage: DC12 or DC24C 2) The Best Operating Current: CK-50: DC15A~20A , CK-100: DC 20A~25A 3) Set Time Range: CK-50: 60minor 120min , CK-100: 60min or 90min 4) Automatic stop function after production. 5) Production conditions:Non iodized salt 500g, tap water 20L. 6) The depth of the water should submerge the disinfectant generator. 7) Working lifetime: ≥ 10 000 hours.

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