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Aquarium Systems Protein skimmer Save water PSA 10T/Hr - 200T/Hr

Aquarium Systems Protein skimmer Save water PSA 10T/Hr - 200T/Hr

  • High Light

    ozone generator for fish farm


    ozone generator water purifier

  • Water Input
  • Water Flow
  • Application
    Aquarium,fish Farm
  • Power Supply
    110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Quality Control
    Every Procedure Has Personnel Inspection
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
    USD 1300-7000 set/month
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 working days
  • Payment Terms
    D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
  • Supply Ability
    500 sets/month

Aquarium Systems Protein skimmer Save water PSA 10T/Hr - 200T/Hr

Aquarium Systems Protein skimmer Save water PSA 10T/Hr - 200T/Hr
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Quick Detail


high efficiency protein skimmer

1. high efficiency

2. good quality

3. water output

4. Cheap price and high value




The protein skimmer can be used to reduce the physical and chemical gels. It used the role of adsorption of surface tension of the bubble to enrichment and separation organic, removal the colloidal suspension, cellulose, protein, bait and faeces and other organics in the wastewater. Meanwhile, the protein separator can be used as an ozone mixing tower, which can separate protein and use ozone to do the cleanions.


Component parts


Water input, PDO air intake device, mixing chamber, collecting pipe, sewage disposal, ozone adding device, water output,and so on.


Working system


First, water enter from the bottom of Protein Skimmer, “S” shape water stream, water moving up and then roll down to the water outlet;

Second, using the PDO device for producing bubble, and it enters into the mixing chamber with water together, liquid and air fully mixing in water when the water is rolling then reaches to the water outlet, water goes out from the bottom, but the not dissolved & suspended particles are gather in the surface of micro-bubble, then enter into the collecting pipe, coming out from the sewage disposal;

Third, treated water coming out from the main water outlet, water outlet valve can adjust the liquid level of Protein skimmer.




1. Instead the using of Venturi, Booster pump, low power for saving energy.

2. Using the collecting pipe, no need to clean, for saving water.

3. PDO air intake device produces abundance air bubble, for high separate efficiency.

4. Using two ways water stream design, for high air-liquid mixing result, high separate efficiency.

5. Trouble-free design, long service life but free maintenance.





Water flow




Water Input /Output Size (mm)
1min 2min 3min
NT-FPS-10 10 5 3 Ф450×1650


NT-FPS-20 20 10 7 Ф600×1700


NT-FPS-30 30 15 10 Ф650×2100


NT-FPS-40 40 20 13 Ф750×2100


NT-FPS-50 50 25 17 Ф850×2200


NT-FPS-60 60 30 20 Ф850×2450


NT-FPS-80 80 40 27 Ф950×2600


NT-FPS-100 100 50 33 Ф950×3050


NT-FPS-120 120 30 40 Ф1200×2800


NT-FPS-140 140 70 47 Ф1300×2700


NT-FPS-160 160 80 53 Ф1300×2900


NT-FPS-180 180 90 60 Ф1400×2900


NT-FPS-200 200 100 67 Ф1500×3000 200/250



1. Removing organism such as night soil, colloid etc, for reducing the load of biological treatment and ensuring the water quality.

2. Increasing dissolved oxygen in water, for improving the biological treatment efficiency.

3. Removing the harmful air in water, stabilize the PH in water.

4. Mixing ozone in water also has the function of clean, clean ion and remove algae in water.




1. Seafood cultivating factory

2. Seawater hatcheries

3. Oceanopolis, aquarium etc

4. Swimming pool water treatment

5. Sewage water treatment, and the lines used for ozone mixing into water


Quality control


Every procedure has personnel inspection.

All the products must be tested and qualified before packaging.


After sales service


We provide 12 month free maintenance.

The buyer should return the product in the original conditions to us and should bear the shipping costs for return.


Why choosing us?

1. Having 10 years production experienced .We are trusty business partner.

2. Quality Controlled:Quality Control personnel check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

3. We have serial products: ozone tube ,UV water cleanrs, ozone generators,oxygen concentrators, protein skimmers, and filters, mixing pumps and other water or air treatment spare parts.

4. We supply OEM service according to customers' requests and give out professional

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