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Sterilization and disinfection of ozone in swimming pools

April 7, 2022

When you swim in a pool, water may get into your mouth, and bacteria and viruses can enter your body with it.


If the water is undrinkable, it may cause some eye, skin and respiratory diseases.


To make matters worse, this water can cause typhus, cholera, syphilis, dysentery. At the same time, bacteria and microorganisms brought by swimmers will also pollute the water source, so ozone disinfection equipment must be installed.


Our ozone generators produce ozone by the corona discharge method, which is by far the most efficient and economically viable method. Because ozone is so reactive, it reacts instantly with bacteria and viruses, destroying them quickly. Its powerful oxidation breaks down bacteria, viruses, etc. into simple compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.


The traditional method of disinfection is to use chlorine gas, including chlorine gas (liquid chlorine), merchlore, merchlore dioxid, chloramine. But this method affects the eyes and respiratory tract, corrodes the equipment and pipes of the swimming pool, and needs to be managed properly, otherwise accidents may occur. If you come into contact with chlorinated water, you may experience dry hair and skin. To make matters worse, chlorine derivatives can be carcinogenic and can have a big impact on people's health.