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Application Of Ozone Generator In Water Treatment Of Swimming Pool

February 7, 2023


For users, the ozone water treatment system is used to make the water quality of the swimming pool reach a high level. Whether it can meet the use requirements depends on several factors: whether it is countercurrent circulation, whether the filter system is designed reasonably, whether the ozone generator is advanced, the performance price ratio of the ozone water treatment system, whether the after-sales service is timely, how much the charge is, how much the reputation is Whether the manufacturer has experience in ozone water treatment of swimming pool.

Application of ozone generator in water treatment of swimming pool

According to the demand of the ozone industry, the Y series high concentration ozone oxygen generator was launched. The machine mainly includes three parts: ozone dedicated oxygen generator, high-efficiency ozone generator and ozone internal circulation water cooling system.


Advantages of using ozone in swimming pool water:


Ozone and its secondary products (such as hydroxyl) have the strongest bactericidal and virus inactivating effects, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiments show that ozone with the same concentration can kill bacteria and viruses 600-3000 times more effectively than chlorine. When the ozone concentration is 1mg/L, it only takes 5 seconds to inactivate fecal Escherichia coli, and it takes 15000 seconds to achieve the same effect with the same concentration of chlorine.


Ozone is an internationally recognized environment-friendly green bactericide, which will not cause any secondary pollution to the environment. Chlorine agents will react with organic substances in water to generate a variety of chlorinated organic compounds, such as chloroform, chloroform, etc. These substances are recognized carcinogenic mutagens. When people swim, these toxic substances will be absorbed by the human body (the human body can absorb 500 ml of water per hour in the water). Chlorinated organic compounds in water can also irritate people's eyes and skin, causing red eyes and rashes.


Chlorinated organic compounds and chlorine and other toxic gases evaporated from water can damage human respiratory organs, while ozone will not cause such problems.


Acids generated by chlorination seriously corrode the water treatment system and the equipment and structures in the museum, such as grid, heating, etc.


Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can effectively decompose humic substances in water, oxidize iron and manganese ions in water, and decompose small organisms scattering light in water, thus greatly improving the clarity of water and making it beautiful blue, while chlorine preparation has no such effect. In order to make the water blue, the swimming pool using chlorine preparation often needs to add copper salt, which is extremely harmful to people.

Application of ozone generator in water treatment of swimming pool

Wound ring ® Features of Y series ozone oxygen generator for swimming pool water:


1. High ozone outlet concentration: the ozone outlet concentration can reach more than 60mg/L. Up to 110mg/L. Because the built-in oxygen generator with concentration up to 90% and the high dielectric composite ceramics with dielectric constant up to 80-90 are used, the ozone outlet concentration is high. However, the oxygen source of glass ozone tube is only 10-15mg/L, and the air source of glass ozone tube is only 2-5mg/L


2. No impurities such as nitrogen compounds: special ozone oxygen generator is used, with high ozone purity, no impurities in ozone, and basically no nitrogen compounds in ozone gas.


3. Corrosion resistance, suitable for ozone environment. Compared with ordinary oxygen generators and oxygen generators, many ozone corrosion resistant materials are used, which can be used for a long time in the ozone environment.


4. Low temperature rise, suitable for continuous and stable operation. The built-in oxygen generator uses air deep cooling technology and deep heat dissipation technology to ensure low temperature rise of the oxygen generator, and the internal circulating water cooling system ensures very low temperature rise of the ozone generator. The temperature rise of the whole equipment is only 3-5 ℃, which ensures the continuous and stable operation of the system. It can work continuously for 24 hours


5. The output of ozone is stable. The internal circulation water cooling system ensures that the heat can be taken away quickly when ozone occurs, so the ozone output is stable. The internal circulation system uses antifreeze coolant, so it will not scale during long-term operation, and it can also work normally in an environment below zero. Before leaving the factory, each ozone machine is tested by an ozone detector.


6. It is resistant to humidity and suitable for humid environment. Compared with the built-in oxygen generator, three-level dehumidification measures are adopted. It includes the first stage of deep cold automatic drainage, the second stage of molecular sieve dehumidification, and the third stage of molecular sieve dehumidification for oxygen production. The first two stages of dehumidification protect the oxygen producing molecular sieve, extend the service life of the oxygen producing molecular sieve, and adapt to the humid environment.


7. Stainless steel shell or plastic sprayed shell. The whole machine adopts stainless steel shell or spray shell, which is easy to scrub and ozone resistant. Stainless steel shell is suitable for humid environment, while plastic sprayed shell is suitable for relatively dry environment.


8. System integration, maintenance free. Maintenance free oil-free compressor is used inside the oxygen generator. No regular maintenance is required. Water cooling system only uses closed cycle, which reduces maintenance work.


9. With air as raw material, the cost of ozone gas is low. The oxygen generator uses air as raw material to produce oxygen by physical method, and there is no daily consumption of materials. Compared with oxygen cylinders, the cost of oxygen is very low.


10. Small volume, low noise and stable output. Compared with the split oxygen generation system with the same output, the volume of the equipment is only one third of that of the split system. The noise of the split system is generally above 75 decibels, and the noise of the Y series ozone oxygen generator is below 65 decibels.