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Application of ozone water sterilization technology in meat products

December 23, 2022

1、 Advantages and disadvantages of traditional food sterilization

Sterilization is an important process to ensure food safety in food processing. With the development of science and technology, sterilization means and methods are increasingly diversified, and are developing in the direction of safety, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. The traditional sterilization method is thermal sterilization. As the heat transfer performance of food is generally poor, it takes a long time for the material center of food to reach the sterilization temperature, which reduces the nutritional value of food. In addition, the energy consumption is high due to the energy absorption caused by the heat capacity of the heating device itself. At the same time, high temperature is easy to make food taste like cooking and canning, which limits consumers' choice of high-temperature food to a certain extent. Ozone water sterilization technology is a new type of sterilization technology emerging in recent years. Ozone water sterilization technology is not only applicable to food with poor heat conduction and food that is easy to degrade due to heating, but also applied to vegetable juice, broth, cool drinks, coffee drinks and other foods with plastic, glass and other packaging materials. It can achieve the purpose of sterilization in a short time and prevent secondary pollution. Due to its many advantages that traditional sterilization methods do not have, such as thermal sterilization, ultra-high pressure sterilization, chemical sterilization, it has been widely used in food, chemical and other fields.

Application of ozone water sterilization technology in meat products

2、 The best sterilization method

Ozone has a strong killing effect on bacteria, mold, bacteria and other microorganisms. It kills viruses by directly destroying its RNA and DNA material industry; The process of killing bacteria and old fungus microorganisms is that ozone first acts on thin wax, then destroys the tissues in wax until it dissolves and dies. High concentration ozone water has no residue in sterilization. Using air and water as raw materials, the cost of sterilization and disinfection is very low. It is decomposed into oxygen and water after sterilization, so there is no residue after sterilization. Sterilization and disinfection can be completed in 1-2 minutes


At present, ozone water sterilization technology has been widely used in the meat industry, especially in the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries and regions. It can be used in the production of meat industry. The sterilized products involve livestock products, poultry egg products, aquatic products and many other fields, and the process conditions are further optimized. Ozone water sterilization is not only fast and effective, but also can solve the sterilization problem of soft packaged meat products. Take pickled pepper chicken feet as an example: use ozone water to sterilize pickled pepper chicken feet. After cutting chicken feet, use ozone water to soak, clean and sterilize the cut chicken feet. After cleaning, use high temperature cooking. After cooking, use ozone water to cool, sterilize and bleach the chicken feet, which can extend the retention period of pickled pepper chicken feet. Because there are many fungi in chicken feet that can not be killed differently, the requirements for ozone water concentration are also high. The minimum concentration of ozone water for sterilization of pickled pepper chicken feet is required to reach 10mg/l, that is, above 10ppm. The effect will be better when the concentration of ozone water reaches 15-20ppm, significantly extending the shelf life of food, indicating that this technology can meet the needs of production.


3、 Trend of future sterilization methods

In the future, it is necessary to further study the mechanism of ozone water sterilization, ozone water sterilization equipment, ozone water sterilization process parameters, ozone water sterilization cold point of packaged meat products, and expand the application range of ozone water sterilization in the food industry. We believe that with the continuous development of this technology, ozone water sterilization technology will be more widely used in the food industry, providing people with safer, better and more convenient food, and meeting the diverse and modern needs of people's diet and life.