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August 26, 2016

                                                         Investment Agency


As a full-invested subsidiary company of Guangzhou Chuanghuan Ozone Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangzhou OSUNSHINE ​ Environmental Technology Co., Ltd focus on ozone equipment, accessories production, development and application of products for more than nine years. And our company still continuously releases high cost performance products.


Hotel and Club special ozone generator can easily remove odor, clean, protect the health of guests and improve the guest consumption experience for hotel and Club.


Our hotel and Club special ozone generator characteristic is:

1Low maintenance costs

After six months, 24 hours a day uninterrupted operation in ozone environment, still can maintain good working condition. The whole test process need only simple cleaning of the air inlet. Most of ozone generators on the market cannot operate in ozone environment, and also exist the problem complex operation and high failure rate.


2High treatment efficiency

Other brands of ozone generator’s treatment process operates 20 to 30 ㎡ room need 3 to 5 hours at a time. Compared with them, our ozone generator only needs 30 minutes.


3 Low cost

We also have absolute advantage in price.


4 Technical support

In China, our products are used in a lot of five-star hotels and luxury Club. Therefore, we have gained rich experience at the hotel and Club application of ozone generator. One of our advantages is that we can quickly provide technical support when the hotel and club meet some problems of clean and removing odor.


The hotel and club special ozone generator can be used in clean and removing odor in hotel, KTV,club and household. Furthermore, our products are environmental and no residual. If use them repeatedly, their effect will be better. Our products are also a good choice for clean and removing odor.


If you want to preempt the market, please contact us immediately.

Our email address : info@gznetech.com.

After receiving your E-mail, we will reply you within 24 hours.


In order to provide better service for you, your E-mail requires the following information:

1.    The introduction of your company business and company website.

2.    The market condition of clean and removing odor in hotel and household of your area.

3.    Contacts and E-mail.

4.    The focus parts of our company and products, such as agent policy.


Our company produces various specialized ozone generator and accessories production which can be used in all walks of life. You can also agent other products of our company. The specification can be found in our websites. If want to know the application of our products, you can contact us through the above email. If you have better industry solutions, we can also customize product according to your request for you.  

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