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New product

January 9, 2020




1. Stainless steel housing

2. Built-in Air dryer and PSA high purity oxygen concentrator

3. Built-in of product –ozone generator tube with high frequency electric board

4. Built-in High efficiency ozone mixing system

5. It can be Movable with wheels

6. Built in anti water return equipment, it can prevent water return back to machine.

7. All the pipe and pipe fittings is stainless steel material

8. It can custom-made according to customer’s requirement.

9. Easy operation.



Guangzhou OSUNSHINE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., based on the parent company of Guangzhou Chuanghuan Ozone Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. which was established in 2006, It focuses on ozone equipment, accessories production, development and application of products.


At the time of absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced technology, SUNSHINE continues to develop new generation of ozone generator products. Netech’s products always keep at the forefront of application in ozone technology, and being widely used in water purification, clean, purification, food processing and clean , aquaculture and its processing, farms, space cleanand purification, perishable food fresh-keeping, health care, sewage treatment, family clean, clean, air purification, etc. At present, Netech has dozens of ozone machine series including three types—space clean, water treatment clean and kg series. Meanwhile we provide ozone generator tube and parts supporting service to household appliances and same industry.



Our Core Advantage:

1, 8 years experiences in ozone generator

2, Manufactory with strong R&D department

3, Product with and international certification

4, Professional customer service team

5, Standard product line

6, Precise quality management team

7, Efficient sales team

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